Staci Lindelof

I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2002 with degrees in Special Education and Elementary Education.  I taught in Chatham, Illinois for two years and then moved back to Gibson City to take a teaching position in my hometown.  I started teaching at GCMS Elementary School in 2004. 

I teach special needs at GCMS Elementary School.  I work with kindergarten through second grade.  I co-teach with three teachers during the course of each day.  I am in the general education classrooms all morning and for part of the afternoon.  I co-teach with Tammy Zehr in 2B, Gloria Dickey in 1B, and Kristin Wilson in K5.  I also have some small group instruction during the afternoon (including tier time for second grade). 

Contact Information:

Staci Lindelof
(217) 784-4278 (school)

Plan time - 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday